{May 24, 2006}   I wanna be with you
 I Wanna be with you
artist: Road Movie
album: Belter 2.0

 I hear the raindrop falling at the window-pane 
 Every kiss from you it’s driving me insane 
 Every night I wanna feel you’re lying next to me 
 I wanna hear you say you wanna be with me 

 Every single light just show how beautiful you are 
 You’ re always with me doesn’t matter if you’re far 
 We’re together one and one make one by two 
 I want you to know I wanna be with you 

 When I look into your eyes my heart just stop to  beat 
 Wanna fell your body I love to fell your body near 
 When I fell you’re breathing I just have to close  my eyes 
 I know emotion never lie 

 I wanna dance with you ‘till every single song 
 Walking next to you a millon miles can’t be too  long 
 We belong together and you know it must be true 
 ‘cuz you wanna be with me and I wanna be with you!

 Till it eats the heart from your soul 
 Keeps down the sound of  your Silent sigh 
 Keeps down all move me down 
 Could we love each other!

Pimol says:

i will stay with u always myfriend

gib says:

เพลงความหมายดีๆๆ ฟังกับคนที่รู้สึกดีๆๆ

Benjamas says:

เข้ามาspace นี้ดีจัง  มีactivity หลากหลายเย้ย ทั้งได้ดูดวง อ่านคำคม และอื่นๆ   แย้วที่สำคัญมั่ก มั่ก ชอบที่พาเค้าไปหม่ำ ไว้พาไปหม่ำอีกนะจ๊ะ  เค้าจารอ 

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